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What is the cost for a mural?
Cost per room or space is dependent on how large and difficult a particular job may be. Some examples are, will it entail scaffolding set up? or is it a small area above a crib? Is it floor to ceiling art work all the way around a room? Is it just the ceiling? Is it a loose water color design or is it a perfect airbrushed look? ETC. The prices range from $350.00 to $6000.00 for a child's room. Average room prices are around $1000.00 - $1500.00 range.

Is there a minimum price for you to come to my house or business?
Yes, I have a $350.00 minimum to come to your house, but that includes actually painting something for you. An example of what $350.00 would buy you is a Monogram above a crib with some design elements, or possibly a small vignette (small scene) above a bed.

Are there fees for design concept?
I don't charge for my ideas, However, I will not release my visual concepts to a client unless I have a commitment from them.

Do you come to my house or business to look at my space?
If you are lucky enough to be local I will come to your home or business. Otherwise, I rely on digital photos of the space you want designed sent to me via email

Do you charge to come to my home or business to look at my space?

Will you travel?

What expenses are incurred with traveling?
Airfare, hotel accommodations and car rental will be calculated into the cost .

Do you have a minimum to travel?
Yes. I have a $5000.00 minimum to travel outside of my hour radius.

What is a minimum?
A minimum means that I have to design and paint a room for a minimum of $5000.00 regardless if it really is a $2500.00 room. So if you have let's say a bathroom adjoining the room you want me to paint and design, then we might as well do something fun in that bathroom since you have me out already. This is to maximize your dollar amount! Of course it is O.K not to utilize my services beyond the space you really want me in. It is just an idea and it makes dollars and cents!

How will we decide on what to design if you are located in a different state?
Thanks goodness for the internet!. Send me as much information as you can. Color swatches, fabric swatches, room photos, layout of furniture etc. Anything that can provide me any information about your space. I will take your ideas and my ideas and communicate via email to you. It really is simple. The only bummer is I won't be able to meet you personally until I have landed in your back yard so to speak. But, by the time you are ready to fly me out , we have a pretty good working relationship.

Do I pay for it all up front or after you are finished?
Once you commit to Quinn-Art, I request a 20% deposit for design concepts and working your space. (putting the final "look" and concept together). The rest is paid for after the room is finished. For traveling I request a 50% deposit. How long does it take you to complete a job? Anywhere from 3 hours to a week. It depends on how large the job is.

What type of paints do you use?
Acrylic paint.

Can my child sleep in his/her room right away?
Yes, It is safe to have your child sleep in his/her room after I am finished. It leaves no smell. I want your space to be perfect and a reflection of you. There is usually something inspirational lurking about in the back of your mind. You might draw inspiration from a pillow, a post card, a gift bag, or just a color you love. There are so many ideas and concepts to create by. Send me an email and we can begin planning on making your space truly unique and special.

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